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"Singing is like painting - the basic technique is the canvas and the beautiful textures and colors of sound are the paints. In the end you produce a beautiful picture."
TECHNIQUE 101: Back to Basics
Shana Farr "is appropriate role model for opera-pop hybrid."

If you learn to sing correctly, you can sing any genre, but you must have the basics.

For beginners and for professionals looking to brush-up their basics.


55-minute lesson

Accompanist not needed for these lessons

Email for rates and times



Shana Farr teaches with the philosophy that one must learn to sing in a healthy, natural way. Only then can you learn to add musical coloring on top of the basic technique. Shana was trained classically in the Bel Canto style which emphasizes a relaxed sound that floats on the air stream. Developing a healthy vocal technique takes time, learning to apply it takes a little longer, but singing lasts a lifetime. And, if you learn to sing correctly, you will enjoy a lifetime of singing.
If you learn to sing the Bel Canto style, you can sing any genre you choose – broadway, jazz, country, pop – with a healthy sound and vocal chords that last.
Under the tutelage of Shana Farr, you will learn that breath support is the most important element in the art of singing. You will learn to trust your body, trust your breath and free your sound. Once this is achieved, you will then begin to understand and experiment with all the different colors you can bring to the sound in a healthy way without straining the vocal chords.
Shana Farr has mastered the "mix" and has been able to successfully cross over from the classical repertoire into Broadway and Cabaret with an emphasis on the Great American Songbook.
Shana Farr takes all levels of singers from beginners to professionals looking to brush-up the basics. Singers must be at least 8 years old.
Lessons will be taught in studio spaces in mid-town, but arrangements could also be made for her to travel to another location.
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