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"Farr's performance was flawless."
-Jonathan Baz, London

The press says:

Sophisticated ~ Intelligent ~ Glamorous

Vulnerable ~ Beautiful

Scintillating ~ Sultry ~ Exciting

Passionate ~ Determined ~ Sassy

Generous ~ True

Luminous ~ Stunning ~ Charming

Glorious ~ Enrapturing ~ Haunting

Witty ~ Wistful ~ Outstanding 


Review by Alix Cohen, WOMAN AROUND TOWN, October 2021

We’re Old Fashioned: Songs of Jerome Kern – Shana Farr and Steve Ross - Full Review
 "As collaborators, their allegiance to songs’ original intent exists in tandem. Mutual affection and respect run through the evening like vertebrae."

Shana Farr "It's Not Where You Start: The Songbook of Barbara Cook"- Full Review

Five Star Review: "Farr performs a mesmerizing five-song Sondheim segment and if there’s a more moving version of ‘Send in the Clowns’ I have not heard it."

CLICK FOR FULL REIVEW: Shana Farr "It's Not Where You Start: The Songbook of Barbara Cook"- Full Review

"The bravura performance by Shana Farr singing songs from the repertoire of Barbara Cook...musically infallible...a consummate actress. While Barbara Cook added to her songbook in a career that spanned decades, Shana Farr sang the plums all in one evening, an astonishing accomplishment."

Review by Billie Roe, BROADWAY WORLD, NYC, March 2015
Shana Farr "In The Still Of The Night"- Full Review

"More than award-worthy...Farr's voice and talent excel...perfectly suited for the Coward/Porter songbook, Farr's sound is absolutely "the top," as Mr. Porter might say...this wonderfully creative show not only deserves its Bistro Award, but is worthy of an Off-Broadway run."

Review by Will Friedwald, WALL STREET JOURNAL, NYC, April 2014
Shana Farr "In The Still Of The Night"- Full Review

"Shana Farr has created something surprisingly new by intertwining the words of those twin colossi of songwriting, weaving songs both familiar and offbeat, both singing and speaking the texts aloud as if they were prose—something that isn't supposed to work, yet somehow, it does."

Review by Mark Dundas Wood, BISTRO AWARDS, NYC, April 2014
Shana Farr "In The Still Of The Night"- Full Review

". . .Proves Farr to be a first-rate actor, unafraid to take big risks, both vocally and physically. She does not hold back, and she is exciting to watch."

Review by John Weatherford, THEATER PIZZAZZ, NYC, April 2014
Shana Farr "In The Still Of The Night" with video

"She is an actress with the kind of chops that make you want to see her on the Broadway stage."

Review by Jonathan Baz, LONDON CRITIC, May 2013
Shana Farr "Whistling Away The Dark"- Full Review

Shana Farr is simply scintillating vocal perfection. What a discovery!

5-Star Review

Review by Paul Vale, THE STAGE, London, May 2013
Shana Farr "Whistling Away The Dark"- Full Review

Shana Farr delivers a gorgeous rendition of Coward’s classic "Some Day I’ll Find You."

Review by Thanasis Kalantzis, CABARET SCENES, LONDON May 2013
Shana Farr "Whistling Away The Dark" - Full Review

Farr is a tour de force of singing ability and interpretation.

Review by Tom Vallance, CLASSICAL SOURCE, LONDON, May 2013
Shana Farr "Whistling Away The Dark"

Farr can be torchy, or buoyant, and ranges from operetta to the bouncy flavour of the Twenties.

Review by Mark Dundas Wood for SIMPLY-SHOWBIZ, NYC, April 2013
Shana Farr "Whistling Away The Dark"- Full Review

Shana Farr holds moonbeams in her hand with Julie Andrews

Review by Elizabeth Ahlfors for CABARET SCENES, NYC, August 2011
Shana Farr "Whistling Away The Dark" - Full Review

Shana Farr delivers a splendid evening of music

Review by Chris Omaweng, LONDON THEATRE 1, March 2022

CLICK FOR FULL REVIEW: "The Julie Andrews Songbook: Whistling Away the Dark" - Full Review
Five Star Review: "...Shana Farr held my attention throughout, and it was one of those shows that was over far too soon."

Review by Andrew Poretz, THEATER PIZZAZZ, October 2022

CLICK FOR FULL REVIEW: Shana Farr: Dream Reality - Full Review
"Shana Farr is a marvelous storyteller and a fine performer...and her beautiful voice that can whisper or soar powerfully, with great stage presence and a warm connection to the audience."

ARTICLE by Aarik Danielsen, COLUMBIA DAILY TRIBUNE, April 2, 2023

"Shana Farr doesn't know a false note. We hear ourselves when we hear her sing the Great American Songbook."


"In Shana Farr’s excellent Julie Andrews tribute, she sang in a compatible soprano without trying to look or sound like Ms. appropriate role model for an opera-pop hybrid.”​ – Will Friedwald, Wall Street Journal


“Best of all was Shana Farr as the strolling singer Elsie.  A last-minute replacement in the leading role, this beautiful, young performer delivered a polished and vocally radiant turn that garnered flowers and hugs from the visibly relieved director/conductor.” – Frank Scheck, The New York Post, The Yeomen of the Guard, New York City Center


"Shana Farr's stirring performance at the Patriotic Pops concert garnered a standing ovation from a record breaking audience of 1,000 cheering fans... Her voice has a power that stunned the unsuspecting audience." –Bill Clark, Columbia Daily Tribune, The Missouri Symphony

“Something’s amiss when the understudy steals the show.  So it was with Shana Farr as Elsie of New York Gilbert & Sullivan’s Production of The Yeomen of the Guard at New York City Center.  Her crystalline soprano and lively stage presence woke up the drowsy proceedings…Rounded acting and singing performances were given by…of course, understudy Farr.” – David A. Rosenberg, Backstage, The Yeomen of the Guard, New York City Center

"Oh my GODDNESS. Shana Farr is magnificent. Her voice has a depth and color rarely heard in legit soprano singing. We all truly felt our feelings with "Whistling In the Dark." Bravo! - Susie Mosher, The LineUp at Birdland Theater

"Shana Farr has elegance, style and does a hilarious rendition of “Legs"... In her duet with Mark Campbell, “Adultery Waltz"/"Divorce Lament,” when she proclaims “I think I am falling in love/What a day for infidelity,” her comedic skills, crystal clear voice and powerful emotional range, along with the winning Campbell, rules the room." - Lynda Sturner, Nightlife Exchange, Take Me Home Tonight

"The pros were nuanced and secure with their technique. Shana Farr was a perfect example of the latter- statuesque, cool, and beautiful. She grabbed your attention immediately and did not let it go. She used her head voice to great effect, bringing something brand new to each song – even to "Somewhere Over the Rainbow." (Arlen/Harburg) Who knew that was even possible?? She made it look effortless." - Mona Finston, Cabaret Hotline Online, Cookie's Corner


"The most talented, Shana Farr, is not only tall, blond and beautiful but has a voice to match. She reached the high notes in “Pure Imagination” and presented a passionate rendition of “Over The Rainbow.”  New York City school kids will recognize “Go Ahead and Dream,” her song from an educational film against bullying." - Karen Feld, Times Square Chronicles, Cookie's Corner

“Shana Farr took what might have been maudlin material, the theme from “Somewhere in Time,” certainly a beautiful melody, and enriched it with her gorgeous soprano.  It was a clear-eyed view of gooey material and there wasn’t a dry eye in the house.” – Suzanna Bowling, Times Square Chronicles, Hidden Treasures of Larry Kerchner, The York Theatre

"Shana Farr is a most talented and lovely actress with a crystal clear voice that sits right on top of the notes and an attractive sensibility that allows her to deliver the lyrics with wit and warmth and intelligence. She made a perfect Laurey, and I have no doubt that Rodgers and Hammerstein themselves would have enjoyed working with this bright young star." – Bruce Pomahac, Director of Music, Rodgers & Hammerstein Organization, Oklahoma!

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