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Winner of the 2012 Julie Wilson Award for Excellence in Song Interpretation
"No matter the origins of her repertoire--theater, opera, operetta, or film--her voice skill and honesty cast an all-encompassing and magical spell." - MABEL MERCER FOUNDATION
"Farr proves to be a first-rate actor, unafraid to take big risks...She does not hold back, and she is exciting to watch." - BISTRO AWARDS
Winner of the 2018 Donald F. Smith Award for Excellence in Song Interpretation
" special recognition and endorsement of the beauty and glory she brings - vocally and otherwise - to the Great Popular Songbook in her cabaret and concert appearances." - MABEL MERCER FOUNDATION


I. SING IT LIKE YOU MEAN IT: Performance Master Class

In her performance master classes, Shana Farr not only helps the performers find the meaning of the lyrics and the importance of storytelling, she also helps them find their interpretive voices and colors, and how to use the music. She also challenges them to change things up a bit - perhaps a different key, perhaps a different interpretation, perhaps a different musical rhythm. Students learn the most when they are taken outside of their comfort zones, and given new ideas and colors to work with; and when they realize there is a creative world beyond the page, they become stronger artists, singers, interpreters, and storytellers, and that's what the audiences want to be a part of.


"I was trained classically - bel canto style - and never truly separated from the technique and the notes and the rhythm on the pages until I started working professionally. It's easy to get caught up in what is on the page, and very hard to let go, and just "be" and to trust your honesty and vulnerability. And that is what I help the students find. That moment where they go "a-ha!" and realize it's all about honesty, energy, and connection." - SHANA FARR

II. ARE YOU READY?: The Business of Performing

Are You Ready?: The Business of Performing is an hour long lecture in which she discusses her experiences as a performer-turned-non-performer-turned-performer giving a peek into the world of the working performers who do not sit in the top 2% of the business. She discusses auditions, social media, pit falls, wastes-of-time, pay-to-play, as well as how to keep yourself in the performance world even when you're in between jobs, working your day job, and so much more. There are opportunities performers can create for themselves if they really want it.


"If you are passionate about being a performer and following your dreams, you must be able to do much more than just sing pretty and act well. Performing is a business and you need to learn the business - that includes creating, developing, writing, producing, researching, promoting, and schmoozing/networking, among other things." -  SHANA FARR

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