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29th New York Cabaret Convention

Mabel Mercer Foundation


I received a surprise on stage while performing at The Mabel Mercer Foundation​ Cabaret Convention at Jazz at Lincoln Center's Rose Theatre. I was presented with the Donald F. Smith Award this year just as I was beginning to perform, and I was so overwhelmed and taken by surprise, these are the words I wish I would have said in the moment.


I want to say thank you so very much for this wonderful honor. 

I am truly dedicated to the art of cabaret and advocating for the importance of live performance of theater, music and song as well as for the great standards in the Great American Songbook. I feel strongly that this canon of songs, which will grow with each passing decade, has not only touched past generations but will continue to inspire future generations because their lyrics and melodies are honest and lasting. It is important for artists to keep this great tradition of cabaret alive. It is an artful form of communication that can only be felt when shared by everyone in the room, whether it be in a small room of 40 or in a large concert hall.

I am very touched by this award, and I look forward to carrying on the tradition with many great artists who I learn from every day and who also live to share their passion for words and music with others.

"Play, Orchestra, Play"

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